Melbourne Best Third Party Car Insurance

Melbourne Best Third Party Car Insurance at low Price and outstanding value Secure your asset as you get into the PTRS club.


The PTRS Club: Get covered by Melbourne Top Cheap third party car insurance.

Accidents take away so many lives daily all over the world. The trending stories and flash news covers only deaths due to accidents. Most of them occur due to rash driving or amateur driving skills.

To mend the loss of an accident, having insurance is beneficial.

Nowadays, having a car is not showcasing wealth; it is a necessity that everyone should look up to! The majority of people refuse to give a special layer of protection to their assets by neglecting car coverage plans. But, at the end of the day, getting the shield from a reputed company is profitable from every side.

Third-party Car insurance is mandatory everywhere. It is a part of the law. Without it, a person is liable to pay a heavy fine. Hence, why not understand this better?

• Legal and financial security: For any un fateful event, a third party coverage plan gives full financial assistance saving you from legal troubles and harassment from third party damage.

• Cost-effective: Third Party Car Insurance plans are quite reasonable because of low premiums.

• Quicker and easier: A Third Party Car Insurance is easy to purchase. PTRS Club Melbourne Top Cheap third party car insurance

Our car coverage plan range depends on what you expect out of the coverage policy. You can select special add-ons to make the policy effective and stronger. When opting for financial security for a vehicle, it is best to go for the Melbourne Best Third Party Car Insurance.

Features and Specifications

Third-party car insurance Melbourne services are more or less similar but PTRS Club facilities are unique and quite affordable for one to rely on. Learn more about the best Third Party Car Insurance services. We cover damage, accidents, theft, and other loss that can occur to your vehicle.

Personal damage

During Unfortunate situations where your car meets an accident, and physical injury, the third party car insurance Melbourne will get you covered.

The damage was done to a third party property

If you are guilty of an accident, the third party coverage plan will pay for property or vehicle damage up to market value.


Any damage you occur while ridesharing - eg, Ola, Uber, or familiar services – the Third-party car insurance Melbourne will keep you covered.

Personal Accident Cover

A Third-party car insurance Melbourne assures for personal accident cover as well. It protects an individual from any loss that might arise due to physical injury for an accident.

Third-Party Damage

On-road, anyone can be guilty of an accident. Having a Third-party car insurance Melbourne will not make you pay the consequences for someone else’s mistake.

Coverage for third party driving

Accidents can occur while a third party drives your car. If the driver is under 25 years old, a Third-party insurance Melbourne will keep the additional charges covered.

What does the Melbourne Top Cheap third party car insurance not cover?

Knowing what a coverage plan will cover is important. It is equally crucial to understand what they do not cover. Here are some situations which Third-party car insurance Melbourne will not protect you from:

Self-car damage

Damage, when done to own car, will not be covered by the Third-party car insurance Melbourne.

Drunk Driving

If accidents occur while drunk driving or due to an unskilled driver without a valid license, No coverage plan will cover the loss.

Natural calamities

A Third-party car insurance Melbourne does not secure loss caused due to flood, earthquake, fire, or similar natural disasters.

Why choose PTRS Club Melbourne Top third party car insurance for coverage?

Paying some extra money can add extra peace of mind after buying the car of choice. Getting a car coverage plan is a healthy investment in today's world. Due to the highest demand, in big cities like Melbourne, choosing the perfect coverage plan provider is challenging. If one is seeking the highest level of protection for their vehicle asset, PTRS Club has unique offers for them:

Trustable repairs

By availing of the best Melbourne Top third party car insurance, customers get authorized car repair services for a lifetime.

24/7 availability

Place queries over phone or mail, anytime, any day. The Melbourne Top third party car insurance service holders provide flexible support to customers.

Zero cancellation charges

Customers are free to leave The Melbourne Best Third Party Car Insurance anytime they want. We always try to provide the top-most facilities to our customers.

1. Will I lose NCB after claiming for Melbourne Best Third Party Car Insurance?

No. your No Claim Bonus remains intact after opting for the Third Party Car coverage plan.

2. What happens if I do not own a third party car policy?

If a person without a third party car coverage plan gets caught, he/she is bound to pay a minimum of $200 as fine and it can be a higher value as well. Other than that, your license will be disqualified. In worst cases, you can end up getting behind the bars for 3 months.

3. Is getting a Third Party Car coverage plan enough?

If you are looking for the facilities that only a Third Party Car Insurance covers, then it's enough. For more facilities, you can opt for other coverage plans like the comprehensive car coverage facility along with the Third Party Car Insurance.

4. Will the Third Party Car Insurance cover me if I get an accident in a different city?

PTRS Club Third Party Car Insurance keeps you secured disregarding the city/state you meet an accident.

5. Is CTP and Third Party Car Insurance the same thing?

CTP or Compulsory Third Party is different from Third Party Car Insurance. CTP covers liability to pay for any injury that occurs to other people. Third-Party Car Insurance covers up to a certain amount of damage your car causes to other’s property or vehicles.