Getoptimised food delivery insurance Melbourne for complete coverage of your food delivery business.
From accidental coverage to quick repair services, get affordable food delivery car insurance Melbourne for all your needs.



Specialized food delivery car insurance Melbourne!

Welcome to Platinum Taxi Share Club!

We are one of the most popular and leading rideshare clubs in Melbourne, Australia. Along with being a rideshare club, we are one of the top names in the car insurance industry, providing specialized commercial car insurance, for all kinds of commercial and business vehicles in Melbourne Australia. We provide specialized food delivery vehicle insurance Melbourne for all kinds of food delivery businesses.

Your regular car insurance might not provide coverage in cases of accidents and other situations when you are using your vehicle for food delivery. Imagine if an accident happens when you are going for a food delivery, your car insurance would most probably not cover the damages. In such cases, food delivery car insurance Melbourne is the perfect option for you.

Get customized coverage plans for food delivery insurance Melbourne at the PTRS Club. No matter what kind of food delivery service you run, we have highly affordable and all-inclusive coverage plans that can be a perfect match for your business. Finding the right food delivery vehicle insurance Melbourne, is all about a bit of patchwork. But with us, you can rest assured about getting complete and all-inclusive coverage for all kinds of needs. PTRS Club is a top food delivery insurance agency Melbourne, working with the top insurance companies all across Australia. We offer a huge range of plans for food delivery insurance Melbourne that can perfectly fill in the gaps of your existing car or commercial vehicle coverage plan.

No matter what kind of food delivery business you are running, we can deliver affordable, profitable, and highly versatile plans for the perfect food delivery car insurance Melbourne.

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Features and Specialties

Delivery driver packages

Get customized and optimal coverage packages for delivery drivers and food delivery cars in Melbourne, Australia.

Accidental Coverage

Our food delivery car insurance Melbourne covers all kinds of accidents and any unprecedented situations.

Personal Injury Protection

Our food delivery insurance plans provide all round coverage for personal and bodily injuries and complete protection against any such incident while delivering food.

New venture discounts

We know how difficult it is to start a taxi business. So we provide special discounts on insurance packages for startups and new ventures.

Comprehensive Coverage

Get all round and comprehensive coverage for a variety of commercial delivery vehicles. From vans to delivery cars, we have the best coverage plans for all your needs.

Property damage liability

We have food delivery car insurance plans for all delivery vehicles and also provide property damage liability cover against any cases of property damage.

Flexible Payment

Flexible payment options and easy monthly premiums on all kinds of food delivery vehicle insurance Melbourne.

How we help your taxi business?

PTRS club is dedicated to help all kinds of taxi businesses and food delivery business owners operating in Melbourne, Australia. We are a premium rideshare community in Melbourne. At the PTRS club, our primary objective is to ensure that every member of our community enjoys maximum benefits and is always on the roads.

We make sure that your food delivery business runs uninterrupted with highly affordable, customized and profitable food delivery vehicle insurance Melbourne. If you are a food delivery business owner, you must already know that a normal car or commercial car insurance is not enough for complete coverage. You need some extra coverage for your business and food delivery vehicles that can fill in the gaps of your regular coverage plan.

Ranging from accidental coverage to property damage liability, there might be multiple aspects that need additional coverage. For this, you need a specialized protection plan. At PTRS club, we ensure that you get comprehensive yet all inclusive cover with our plans. We have handpicked coverage plans for all your needs when it comes to food delivery vehicle insurance Melbourne. For the best food delivery insurance Melbourne at affordable rates,

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Why choose PTRS CLUB?

Here's why we are the top food delivery insurance agency Melbourne, and your best choice for the cause!


Get the most affordable plans at the PTRS Club for your food delivery business!


From property damage to driver insurance, we cover it all with our plans.

All-inclusive cover

We provide all inclusive cover for all kinds of needs when it comes to food delivery insurance Melbourne.

Specialized Plans

Get specialized plans that are tailored for your needs.

Low monthly interest on premiums

Get lowest monthly interests on the premiums you pay for your coverage plan.

100% transparency

We work with complete transparency to ensure that our customers know everything about what they are signing up for.

Choose the PTRS Club for the best Silver taxi service insurance Melbourne!


Put all your queries to rest once and for all.

1.Do you provide guarantee on repairs?

Yes, we provide limited and lifetime warranty on our repairs.

2.Are there special laws for food delivery insurance Melbourne?

There are certain laws regarding business insurance that your private policy may not cover.

3.Will it take too long for the approval of claims?

At PTRS club, we focus on making the claiming process fast, easy and hassle free and getting your claims approved in the shortest time possible.

4.Can a family member enquire or make changes to my food delivery insurance policy?

Yes, they can, only if they are listed on the insurance policy. If they're not, we are unable to provide any information nor can they action any requests on your behalf.